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2200mAh 22.2V 45C LiPo RC Battery

Widely used for RC 500 helicopter.
₹ 4,023.00

6 V/2000 MAh Battery NIMH

6 Volt 2000 MAh NIMH Battery.
₹ 1,125.00

9.6V/2000 MAh Battery NIMH

9.6V/2000 MAh NIMH Battery.
₹ 2,250.00

B6 Charger

This charger provides you safety while charging, as it sets the range of current while both charging and discharging.
₹ 3,163.00

Eurgle 11.1v 3S1P 25C 2200MAh Li po Battery A Grade

Turborix 11.1v 3S1P 25C 2200MAh Li po Battery A Grade
₹ 2,047.00

iMAX Quattro B6

The charger allows you to charge 4 batteries at one time, and all the four batteries are charged to their maximum capacity.
₹ 10,819.00

Li po Battery (Planes) 11.1v/2100 MAh/25C

Li po Battery (Planes) 11.1v/2100 MAh/25C.
₹ 2,793.00

Li po Battery(Cars) 7.4v/4000 MAh/15C

Li po Battery(Cars) 7.4v/4000 MAh/15C This battery offers a maximum of 15C continuous discharge rate.
₹ 3,240.00

Li po Battery(Planes) 11.1v/3300 MAh/30C

Most suitable for RC models including RC airplanes, RC cars and RC helicopters; the battery is known for its high efficiency.
₹ 4,916.00

Li po Battery(Planes)14.8v/3300 MAh/35C

The Li po Battery(Planes)14.8v/3300 MAh/35C lithium polymer battery makes the lightest, highly powerful, long lasting battery among all the Lipo batteries. It is the most quickly chargeable battery as well (<5 min).
₹ 6,817.00

LiPro Balance Charger B6AC

iMAX Lipro Balance Charger B6AC with Optimized operating software.
₹ 4,520.00