Electric Motors

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2215A (LD2815A), 1200KV Motor

2215A (LD2815A), 1200 KV Motor with Accessory (cross size: 16*19 mm)
₹ 1,473.00

2220 BL motor/2200KV, with Accessories

Compact motor that is known both for quality and performance, it gives a high2200 RPM/Volt despite its small size and light weight (31gm).
₹ 1,452.00

2821 BL motor/1600KV

The red and silvery BLDC motor is well built and excels in performance for a wide range of aero models.
₹ 1,324.00

2836 BL Motor/1100KV

This motor is run using 2-4 cells that could provide it a potential difference of 7.4 to 15.0 volts.
₹ 1,423.00

3740 BL motor/750KV, with Accessories

It is a highly efficient and quality product. The winding is fine and the magnets and base are made from strong materials.
₹ 2,605.00

3740 Motor Mount (cross: 25*25)

3740 Motor Mount (cross:25*25)
₹ 82.00

BL Motor (500 heli) 3650/1700KV with Cooling

Production of this BLDC motor is accomplished with utmost care for quality. Right from drawing to manufacturing to finally delivering to users, consistency is ensured throughout the process.
₹ 2,234.00

BL Motor 3129 (450 heli) 4000 KV

Cells recommended for this motor are 3-4 Li po cells. The high rpm/volt value of 4000 is suitable for Trex 450 Heli.
₹ 1,341.00

C2825/ 1600KV Out runner Brushless RC hobby Motor

These motors are checked dozens of times for quality and performance before final delivery.
₹ 1,266.00

C2826-1000KV Motor

Due to the tight wiring and solid bearings; finely rated magnets; and quality control and rechecking systematically—these BLDC motors are reliable for durability and performance.
₹ 1,229.00

LD2212A (2830), 1600KV Motor

LD2212A (2830), 1600 KV Motor with Accessory (cross size 16*16mm)
₹ 1,402.00

LD2218A(2836)bl motor/1000KV

LD2218A (2836) BL Motor, 1000 KV with Accessory (cross size: 16*16 mm)
₹ 1,516.00