A Word about Frobo

Frobo is an initiative by hobbyandyou team to help children learn basic concepts of electronics, crafts and programming. We earnestly believe in improving learning abilities by context based education. Frobo is a modular teaching based toy craft programme.  We will be happy to work with education professionals and schools.

Module FroboV1-

This is the beginners craft kit aiming at teaching model building skills with basic electrical knowledge of voltage, current, resistance, load and conversion of energy into light, sound and motion. This craft kit is meant for children above 8 years. This module will help improve the following skills.

  • Identifying different parts of the model
  • Ability to visualize the process of assembly
  • Familiarilty with different electrical components and their function
  • Wiring the basic circuit with understanding of basic electricity and energy conversion
  • Building a functional hopping Frobo with motion, light and sound

Module FroboV2-

This kit is also for beginners with additional components. This kit becomes the platform for kids to add programmable micro controller with sensors. This model will allow kids to understand concepts of motion in greater detail. We created this kit as an intermediate after they have become familair with basic concepts of model building and electricity. This kit is a perfect choice for kids above 8 years.

Module FroboV3-

This add on modular kit is for those who have assembled their V2 model and are now ready to start their first lessons in controlling the Frobo. This is foundation training in programming in arduino- the robotics most popular platform. This module provides a comprehensive training in connecting and programming different kinds of sensors and motor control methods. We strongly believe that children need to relate to what they are being taught. This training will enable them to improve the following.

  • Introduction to Arduino programming
  • Learning to control motors and lights
  • Learning to read different sensors and interpret
  • Improving problem identification and finding solutions 

This module is a comprehensive package for learning basic to advanced arduino programming and hardware configuration. We have designed step by step instructions to guide children to learn basic programming and then slowly challege them to do more complex tasks.

Module FroboV4-

This is the most advanced module of this project. By the end of completion of this module, the child has already reached a stage of comfort with the robotic technology and  applications. This module introduces-

  • Radio transmission and receiving
  • Remote control programming
  • Two way wireless communication

We designed this module to augment understanding of everyday technology, we all use but know little about. This part will help stimulate creative genius of kids and will prepare them to think beyond boundaries. Frobo team is contantly working on more advanced training modules to help children realize their potential and help them discover themselves.

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11/17/2017 6:14 PM