Gyros, GPS and Control Boards

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3 Axis Gyros

3GX 3-Axis Gyro for RC Helicopter, Airplane
₹ 7,641.00

GPS Speed Meter

GPS Speed Meter serves both RC Airplane & Helicopter.
₹ 5,854.00

HB730 Digital Tail Gyro For Helis

HB730 Tail Gyro is a perfect choice for 450 & 500 RC Helicopters.
₹ 2,241.00

Motor Checker

Brushless Motor Checker. Brushless motors are the most popular motor choice now in the RC Car and model aircraft industry.
₹ 5,711.00

Multimeter 7 in 1

This i-Meter is aimed at providing a user friendly experience.
₹ 4,079.00