RC Airplanes

Hobby RC Flying is a very popular sport world over and gaining popularity in India also. This is highly technical hobby meant for people with engineering aptitude and love for outdoors. We have the largest variety of RC airplanes kits for electric and nitro fuel engines for professional flyers. We source our kits from the best known names in RC flying including Sky Wlaker, The World Model (TWM) and Edo. These kits are available in high performance elasto-polymer foam and Balsa wood for beginners as well as advance level flyers.

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Big Cessna 185 RC Electric Aero Model ARF Kit

Radio Controlled EPO 1.5 Large Cessna 185ST is equally relevant for beginners and advanced pilots. It can land on grass, water or snow. LED and FLAPS also support high flight.
₹ 13,626.00 ₹ 8,600.00

Delta Wing Advanced RC Falcon Airplane ARF Kit

Radio Control Aircraft FALCON EPO Fly Wing from Skywalker is bend-and-break-proof due to the high quality material used in its making.
₹ 7,935.00 ₹ 5,698.00

Duct Fan Propelled Unijet Balsawood RC Airplane ARF Model

RC Plane Model E272XM, Unijet Balsa kit (with electric Motor) offers you a jet style flying experience and that too without any gas turbines.
₹ 18,172.00 ₹ 13,051.00

RC Aeromodel Sirius for FPV (ARF)

Sirius represents a model made after incorporating the suggestions from numerous experienced aero modellers and FPV players over time. It is a durable and strong RC airplane due to its high quality EPO-built.
₹ 9,303.00 ₹ 6,681.00

RC Electric Advanced 1500 Yak Airplane ARF Kit

1.5m EPO Large YAK 54 RC Airplane is known for its great performance at flying. It is easily installed but is rich in functional features.
₹ 14,872.00 ₹ 10,682.00

RC Electric SBach Advanced Aeromodel ARF Kit

‘SBACH 342 kit’ is the name for enormous thrill packed in a product. The superior tough EPO body goes fine with CF rods.
₹ 13,549.00 ₹ 9,720.00

RC Electric Super Speed Blaze Aeromodel ARF

EPO Blaze Kit with Motor (Props Version). The props version EPO Blaze Kit is one of the most attractive as well as efficient models.
₹ 8,425.00 ₹ 6,051.00

RC Raptor TX-2000 Electric Gilder Sailplane ARF Kit

AdraxX Radio Control EP 2M Raptor-Tx 2000 Advance ARF Glider is a soaring sailplane suitable for advanced users, as it comes with both ailerons and flaps.
₹ 10,444.00

RC Skywalker 168cm EPO Airplane V5 ARF Kit

Radio Control Airplanes Skywalker 168cm EPO Airplane V5 offers you longest room, highly strong wings, and fuselage stronger than V4. In sum, it is unique product to give you a wonderful experience of FPV/UAV with the latest technology employed.
₹ 15,632.00 ₹ 11,227.00

Sky Walker 1200 Sky Surfer Aeromodel Kit (ARF)

Radio Control Airplane Sky Surfer Landing on the Lake or Land is a versatile model that can land even on ocean.
₹ 8,614.00

Sky Walker 1500 RC Airplane Model for Best FPV Flying

Sky Walker 1500 RC Airplane Model can be considered the best airplane for First Person View—FPV with its 1500mm wingspan.
₹ 10,724.00 ₹ 7,703.00

TWM Extra Sport 30S Balsawood RC Airplane Kit For Nitro Engine

The RC Aero Model Extra Sports-30S Balsa Kit (Nitro) (Model A014) comes with superior quality BALSA make and top-notch hand iron-on covering.
₹ 14,303.00 ₹ 7,910.00