Sky Walker

Great trainer EPO planes by SKY Walker for beginners and FPV flyers.

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Delta Wing Advanced RC Falcon Airplane ARF Kit

Radio Control Aircraft FALCON EPO Fly Wing from Skywalker is bend-and-break-proof due to the high quality material used in its making.
₹ 7,935.00 ₹ 5,698.00

RC Aeromodel Sirius for FPV (ARF)

Sirius represents a model made after incorporating the suggestions from numerous experienced aero modellers and FPV players over time. It is a durable and strong RC airplane due to its high quality EPO-built.
₹ 9,303.00 ₹ 6,681.00

RC Skywalker 168cm EPO Airplane V5 ARF Kit

Radio Control Airplanes Skywalker 168cm EPO Airplane V5 offers you longest room, highly strong wings, and fuselage stronger than V4. In sum, it is unique product to give you a wonderful experience of FPV/UAV with the latest technology employed.
₹ 15,632.00 ₹ 11,227.00

Sky Walker 1200 Sky Surfer Aeromodel Kit (ARF)

Radio Control Airplane Sky Surfer Landing on the Lake or Land is a versatile model that can land even on ocean.
₹ 8,614.00