DIY Life Beyond Purpose was  set up as a hub of a variety of sports and hobby equipment and training company, by a team of die-hard RC hobby and sports enthusiasts, to help promote aero modelling and other technical and target sports like Archery, airgun shooting  hobbies among Indians. We realized the lack of awareness, suppliers and training and wish to fill the vacuum.

We offer world class Archery Products, Airgun Shooting, Outdoors and RC Electronic and Robotic hobby components and accessories for beginners, amateurs and professionals. Please come and join out thriving community of off the leaguers. Our mission statement us "Life Beyond Purpose".

We strive to offer high quality products that excel in performance. An overwhelming instant response form people from all walks of life further encouraged us to broaden our product line. We have had a special eye on youth and students, as we feel skill development through hi tech hobbies is crucial for sowing innovation among them. Through our training classes and hobby camps, we keep addressing a huge number of students through their schools as well as independently.