Terms And Conditions

‘’ is an extension of services from Meltbook Convergence Private Limited, New Delhi, India--110030. “You” as referred to hereinafter means anybody who submits any data to the company, its website or agent.

We will be grateful to receive any suggestions or observations about our services. You may send your comments at our Delhi office by post, or through e-mail at

We honour your privacy and assure you to do the utmost to protect your data submitted to us. We will be using your particulars only in the prescribed manner, as described in the concerned sections of this ‘Privacy Policy’. We assure you in the first place to collect any information regarding you, only if it is necessary for us to do so, in order to accomplish the dealings and transactions between ‘’ and you.

Further, we assure you that we keep any information about you only as long as it is required by law or is relevant for the very purpose of serving you in conformity with your consent/instructions/order.

You are not required to provide any personal details for browsing our website. We at no point of your browsing our website can and do identify you, until and unless you are a registered visitor to the website and have logged in with your login ID and password.

What Kind of Data Is Collected at

Here is the detail about what data we may need to collect, while you place an order with us through our website.

The sole purpose of collecting the data is to process the transactions with you properly, to entertain the claims you might possibly make in future, and to continue providing you the due services from our end. The information that we may need to collect for the purposes stated above includes your name, surname; gender; postal and e-mail addresses; the address for delivering a product or service (in case it is different from your residential/office address); landline, mobile phone numbers, fax number; payment details including bank account and payment card details.

All this data is required only in order that we may facilitate you place an order; provide you with our services against any order you thus place with us for a product/service; and also to inform you when we are about to deliver the product/service to you. We may forward your certain details like your name and address to a third party like courier service or supplier to facilitate delivery of a product.The same holds true for our franchisor. You authorise our franchisor to use the data thus transferred to offer/sell products/services directly/indirectly.

We may further use your data for the purpose of facilitating our website to serve you. It includes incorporation of your particulars on our managed website to enable you to use the sections of the website, detect any software/malware abuses while using the website, to offer you relevant information related to the website or our products, and last but not the least, to answer any queries you may ever raise. Our company, registered as Meltbook Convergence Private Limited (in India) will process all the payments you make through the website.

You are required to provide us, our website, or agent with the information that be only accurate and not false or ambiguous. You are further required to update us with any changes in the particulars as and when they come into effect. We may keep with us the details of your original order and you always have access to it as you log in with your specific user ID and password. You do get the details of what your original orders were; which orders have already been catered to; which are about to be delivered; which are about to be dispatched; and which are still pending with us. You may manage your address details, payment/account details, and any subscriptions made by you like that for any newsletter from us. You undertake that you will not allow any breach of confidentiality regarding the log-in details of your account with our website. This applies from the very time you register with us and are assigned an account with the website. We will not be liable for any misuse of log-in details like password, unless it results from any fault on our side.

We assure we will not share any of your personal particulars with any third party without having your prior consent regarding it. We don’t forward the information to any third party for sales purposes without discrete consent from you in advance. We only use the information provided by you in accord with the policies stated in the sections of this document i.e. Privacy Policy. It is our valued principle to protect your privacy. It is of high value and importance for us. We use and process your particulars only on the highly reliable serversand that are duly secured on the levels of hardware as well as software, so as to secure you the utmost security regarding your data and no infringement to your privacy. If you have reservations or objections to the ways described herein, you are advised not to use this website.

We don’t share, rent or trade your personal particulars that we might have collected from any other company for the purpose of marketing, unless we secure prior consent from you. In case of any request or instruction that has legal sanctity, asking to disclose your particulars, we reserve our rights to provide the concerned information in order to abide by law.

Disputes Resolution

We employthe services at par with the present authorization and technical standardsregarding payments and Credit Check. We ensure prevention of any frauds, keeping us upgraded with these services. It is to be noted that all the disputes that maystill arise will be settled only in Delhi Court jurisdiction.

Information Usage

It can be used for market and opinion survey purposes, wherein your details are kept anonymous, not to be used for any statistical projections on our website. You can leave instantly your inclusion in these surveys, as and when you think it fit. However, we don’t forward your particular answers to any queries that we might make in the survey questionnaire or your say in any opinion polls that may conduct, to any third party. In case you find interest in participating in any competitions, it is only your e-mail address that is required to be forwarded to a third party.

Your answers to surveys are kept separate and safe from any third party. We might forward to you the information that we find relevant for you. It may include any new offer from our company, any update on our website, or the information on products or services from the group of companies that we belong to. It also may include the newsletters from us or any other thing that relates to our company or the group of the companies we are part of. In case you don’t want to entertain such information as detailed in this paragraph; there is option to ‘unsubscribe’ in the mail you will receive containing the information. Once you opt to unsubscribe, we will stop sending you such mails within seven working days of receiving your unsubscribing instruction. These working days don’t include weekends i.e. Sundays and Saturdays and the public holidays. In case of any confusion regarding your request/instruction, we will clarify from you before proceeding.

We reserve the right to provide the general data about those using our website without leaving any scope of your identification by any of the recipients of such data. The data may be used for various purposes like knowing the geographical spread of the users, and the sections of the website used most. The recipients may include publishers but the data thus provided is made anonymous i.e. you can be sure not to be identified personally through use of this data.

Competitions, Surveys and Polls

The policies related to using the user’s data in connection to their participation in any competitions can be found in detail alongside the terms of participation in any particular competition. We, in general, do use the information to notify the competition winners with our special offers.

What are Third Parties?

To facilitate the use of the information as detailed in this document, we have to pass the information to our agents and subcontractors in order to ensure availing of the services you have requested/instructed us for. For example, the parties involved in delivering our services or products to you, or those involved in collection of payments from you will need to receive the information about you. Included in the agencies that have this right to get information about you are also those that help us with customer care and advertising data analysis. We may also share the information with other agencies with the purposes of averting the possibilities of credit risk and frauds. In case we sell the business completely or partially, the entire database including your particulars will naturally be transferred to the buyer of the business. We shall NOT transfer or disclose any of your personal details to any third party without your consent, unless this is conformity with the Privacy Policy stated in this document or we are required by law to do so.Our website may have advertisementsand links related to other websites/companies.It may here be underlined that we shall not be responsible for the respective privacy policies of the companies thus accessed by anyone. Further, we shall not be responsible for the lacunae in the privacy policies of the agencies to which we may transfer the information in accordance with, and with purposes explicitly stated in, this document of our Privacy Policy.

Browser Cookies

Simple browsing of our website does not bind you to accept the cookies. It will, however, be practically required to activate the cookies of the website in order to view all the features of the website including placing an order for a product or service with us. Cookies are smalldata files stored on your computer and help the browser and the website to mark you as a unique visitor, while you visit certain sections of the website.It may be done through tracing your IP address in order to help you by saving you time, while you visit/revisit the site. Cookies are for your help, updating your shopping cart with entering your details automatically every time you add items to the cart.Cookies are not for any targeted advertising purposes. If your browser is set to decline the cookies, it will affect your website browsing experience. We further assure you to keep you free of risks associated with viruses through cookies. In order to explore more information about cookies, you may interest visiting Conversely may help you remove all the cookies from your browser/system. Cookies may further be used for marketing and website optimization objectives, while employing the technology of Google Analytics. The data is here used under some fictitious name. Cookies enable identifying the internet browser, but the pseudonym hub will not utilize any personal identification without prior consent from the user/visitor to the website. Further, giving permission once doesn’t mean permission for ever. It can be cancelled instantly at any moment you think fit.


We are duly equipped with all the technical arrangements to ensure safety to your data. It cannot be accessed in any unauthorized way; it is protected against its accidental loss or any damage to whole or part of it. The server on which we collect the data or accomplish any transactions is a secure server with additional firewall settings always in work. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) coding is active for encrypting any electronic payments made through the website. It guarantees any user of the website against the hacking or decrypting of one’s personal details, though we cannot claim to offer a 100 percent guarantee. It is highly recommended not to disclose your debit or credit card details on any unencrypted systems. We follow the utmost security measures through collecting, saving and disclosing any such information of paramount financial concern for you employing all the hardware and software safeguards possible for us. To further help you a secure transaction we would occasionally demand for certain identity proof while you access the website, thereby ensuring that your account is not accessed by anyone not authorised for. Still securing your computer and password is solely your responsibility.

User Consent

As soon as you submit your data, you undertake that you allow us to use that in the manner as specified in this document ‘Privacy Policy’.

Disclaimer does reserve the right to amend its privacy policy as and when it finds fit, without any prior information to its users with the end goal of securing a better and safer transaction platform to them.